We produce rags with a carefully selected clothing intended for processing.
Our rags are used in industrial production processes as well as maintenance processes and services.
They are characterized by high absorption properties.
In the production process we remove the zippers, buttons, snaps, hard-ons and thick items of clothing.
Rags cut into pieces approx. 60x60 cm are packed on presses into cubes of 10 kg.

We offer rags: colour and white, terry, flannel, cotton and standard.

Comparing our rags with the use of disposable rags notice the benefits from it:
- Textile rags are derived from recycling systems, which significantly allows to reduce costs
- They are characterized by high absorbency and strong material
- Lower total cost
- Reduction of storage space.

BADPOL Textile & Recycling

ul. Batalionów Chłopskich 49 

27-200 Starachowice, tel./fax: +48 041 275 28 86

  tel./fax: +48 041 275 28 86

 tel.kom.:  + 48 507 170 445

tel.kom.:   + 48 501 093 836 

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