BADPOL TRANSPORT is a part of group BADPOL, present on the market since 2005. The constant desire to provide new services resulted in broadening our range for transport activities, both nationally and internationally. Our fleet is mainly modern and reliable VOLVO, MAN, MERCEDES trucks. In order to provide you with the safety and comfort of the shipped products, we operate under TIR or Gwarancja carnet. Goods transported by us are covered by the insurance policy OCP up to 300 000 EURO. We also offer the shippers who are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Qualified staff, modern fleet and GPS monitoring of our fleet allowed us to get the full satisfaction of our existing customers, which also obliges us to maintain this state, and give it to the newly acquired customers. BADPOL TRANSPORT is a reliability, professionalism, fast and safe realization of received transport orders.

We specialize in the transport of goods in Poland and between all the countries of the European Union. We have the necessary certificates and permits, which give our customers confidence that the quality of our services is a subject to external, positive evaluation and supervision.

We build our contacts with customers on the principle of partnership, discretion where reliability, timeliness and competence play a major role.


Office: tel./fax: +48 041 275 28 86 ext. 14

Mobile:. + 48 500 440 305



BADPOL Textile & Recycling

ul. Batalionów Chłopskich 49 

27-200 Starachowice, tel./fax: +48 041 275 28 86

  tel./fax: +48 041 275 28 86

 tel.kom.:  + 48 507 170 445

tel.kom.:   + 48 501 093 836 

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